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Calendar of Events

All events will take place at Beeding and Bramber Village Hall, High Street, Upper Beeding. Free car parking is available opposite



Saturday 29th February 2020

Exploring your inner core through acting skills with Valerie Dent    10.15am-12.45pm    Price: £10 each

Valerie Dent, actor and teacher, will be running this taster workshop.  This is not about being an actor, but about exploring your inner self and expressing it through acting exercises.  As an actor you need to know yourself really well, it is a continuous journey of letting go, so you can explore a character. This is why these skills are so helpful for anyone who wants to discover and explore themselves at a deeper, richer level.
This will be a taster workshop using acting exercises to explore the following themes:
  • Grounding exercises using theatre games – fun and about bonding as a group
  • Confidence exercises – group work,  working together
  • Self-expression using improvisation, text work , words and movement
  • Finding your voice and breathing techniques – so important for expression, vocal exercises, using the breath to go within, and learning how using the breath will keep us calm
  • Body work- gentle movement exercises using a Jacques LeCoq techniques
  • Helps us to listen to our bodies and feel the vibrations
  • Meditation exercise (Gill Edwards) - using one of Gill’s meditations to go within.

Overall the aim is to explore ourselves, learn, share and above all have fun!

Please book in advance by emailing


Saturday 14th March 2020

Introduction to the Three Principles with Rebecca Lusted & Laura Ball    10.15am-12.45pm    Price: £10 each

Three Principles offers hope and guidance in understanding human psychological functioning and how to foster permanent and positive change.

In a world of tools and techniques, it is reassuring to know that Life has our back, and there is nothing to do - we can take our hands off the steering wheel.

'When we start to see the Power of Thought and its relationship to our way of observing life, we will better understand ourselves and the world in which we live.' Sydney Banks

Come along and find out more. The learning happens via insight rather than memory based learning, so awaken to your own innate wisdom. This is where lasting mental and behavioural change occurs.

Please book in advance by emailing


Saturday 28th March 2020

Introduction to Meditation with Celia Gail Stuart  10.15am-12.45pm  Price: £10 each

Meditation can help us to:      

    • Cultivate a positive attitude
    • Gain more control over our lives
    • Gain inner tranquility and strength
    • Gain more control over what goes on in our heads
    • Relieve stress
    • Cope better with everyday problems
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Reach a higher state of consciousness
    • Become more self-aware
    • Open up our intuition

Come along and try out some different forms of meditation, so that you can find one that suits you and your lifestyle. We will be sitting on chairs.

Please book in advance by emailing